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Tonya is such a terrific "role model" with regard to active/healthy lifestyle that I think that this was the motivation I needed to move me on. Thanks once again for the fantastic opportunity to continue the journey to a healthier me. - Marilyn

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My name is Tonya Whittle, owner and creator of TW Fitness. I started my fitness journey in 2004. I had always struggled with my weight - gain and lose that same 20-30lbs. somewhere in my life, I learned that to lose weight you shouldn’t eat much and should “walk”.

So each year, that’s what I did, lost by severely restricting calories in a starvation diet and walking. And a few months later, I quit it all, went back to normal eating. Shortly after moving in with my boyfriend (now husband) I really packed on the weight living on meat, potatoes, sauces and gravy diet! I went to the gym, lost some, but was never really committed to it all. I wanted it to be easy. Then one day I had enough!

I was exhausted from worrying about my weight, being unhappy and uncomfortable. I changed gyms (Iqaluit, Nunavut at the time!) and got into weight training. I told myself every day “you will go to the gym today and love it” and somewhere along the way, I DID! I loved it, I loved the way my body was changing, how much energy I had and most importantly the confidence I had.

I felt like I finally found something I was good at; other than rowing, I had never been a sports person and didn’t enjoy most sports.  But weight training was something that helped me with my self-confidence issues. All of the pieces weren’t in place, though, because my diet was still not good. I didn’t know how to eat, so I rarely ate much food, still living on restricting calories.  While I felt better and had some results, I still wasn’t getting what I wanted. I began to study nutrition to bridge the gap and honestly, there was a lot I was skeptical about, things I found hard to believe, like eating more food!  But I did it. I had nothing to lose by trying!

I was a point where I knew going back wasn’t an option.  And when I combined healthy meal plan with consistent foods timing and healthy meals and snacks, it worked.  I say it was almost like “magic”.  All of a sudden I was eating more food than I ever thought possible and getting the body I had always wanted.  Combined with my energy level and new found confidence; life was amazing. And it all really started with making a decision to CHANGE and while it was hard and there were many days of frustration and wanting to quit; I refused to fail. When something didn’t work, I changed it.  I kept doing that until I got it.  And one day I loved training and loved eating healthy.  And found my passion – educating and motivating other people!

At TW I know it’s not that you hate salads and squats. I understand that a persons outward appearance is often a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. I understand that true change will come from changing someone’s mindset. I will inspire, push, motivate, coach you past limits you didn’t know you had! I will be there to high 5 and cheer and coach you on every step of the way! But I don’t sugarcoat things. I will tell it like it is to keep you focused on your goals!

WARNING: You will have an increase in happiness, confidence, energy, passion, motivation and a mindset of “I CAN DO THIS”!

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