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TW FITNESS doesn't have THE PLAN they have YOUR PLAN - That's what I like the most! Tonya and the team of TW Fitness offer solutions - customized fitness training and healthy eating plans that suited my needs and lifestyle. No cookie cutter approaches here! Tried and tailored, measured and accountable, that's what really works for me. You will find TW FITNESS, tough yet do-able with a range of programs that are creative and unique. Tonya's fitness solutions not only sculpts the body but also supports the mind and heart. A rare combination but oh so necessary. Life is about laws. What we put in, we get back out. I work out at 6:30 am three days a week at TW FITNESS. I can not think of a better way to start my days. I call it my personal investment hour and each day it serves me in being a powerful mom, in supporting my family, my business and my total well being. THANKS TW! - Tina Olivero

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My name is Tonya Whittle, owner and creator of TW Fitness. I started my fitness journey in 2004. I had always struggled with my weight - gain and lose that same 20-30lbs. somewhere in my life, I learned that to lose weight you shouldn’t eat much and should “walk”.

So each year, that’s what I did, lost by severely restricting calories in a starvation diet and walking. And a few months later, I quit it all, went back to normal eating. Shortly after moving in with my boyfriend (now husband) I really packed on the weight living on meat, potatoes, sauces and gravy diet! I went to the gym, lost some, but was never really committed to it all. I wanted it to be easy. Then one day I had enough!

I was exhausted from worrying about my weight, being unhappy and uncomfortable. I changed gyms (Iqaluit, Nunavut at the time!) and got into weight training. I told myself every day “you will go to the gym today and love it” and somewhere along the way, I DID! I loved it, I loved the way my body was changing, how much energy I had and most importantly the confidence I had.

I felt like I finally found something I was good at; other than rowing, I had never been a sports person and didn’t enjoy most sports.  But weight training was something that helped me with my self-confidence issues. All of the pieces weren’t in place, though, because my diet was still not good. I didn’t know how to eat, so I rarely ate much food, still living on restricting calories.  While I felt better and had some results, I still wasn’t getting what I wanted. I began to study nutrition to bridge the gap and honestly, there was a lot I was skeptical about, things I found hard to believe, like eating more food!  But I did it. I had nothing to lose by trying!

I was a point where I knew going back wasn’t an option.  And when I combined healthy meal plan with consistent foods timing and healthy meals and snacks, it worked.  I say it was almost like “magic”.  All of a sudden I was eating more food than I ever thought possible and getting the body I had always wanted.  Combined with my energy level and new found confidence; life was amazing. And it all really started with making a decision to CHANGE and while it was hard and there were many days of frustration and wanting to quit; I refused to fail. When something didn’t work, I changed it.  I kept doing that until I got it.  And one day I loved training and loved eating healthy.  And found my passion – educating and motivating other people!

At TW I know it’s not that you hate salads and squats. I understand that a persons outward appearance is often a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. I understand that true change will come from changing someone’s mindset. I will inspire, push, motivate, coach you past limits you didn’t know you had! I will be there to high 5 and cheer and coach you on every step of the way! But I don’t sugarcoat things. I will tell it like it is to keep you focused on your goals!

WARNING: You will have an increase in happiness, confidence, energy, passion, motivation and a mindset of “I CAN DO THIS”!

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