Tonya Whittle, Mind/Body Transformation Coach
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Meet Tonya

Everyone has a diet story. The no sugar diet. The veggie diet. The candy corn diet. Women who strive to be thin, seeking out the latest diet of the week in an effort to fit into that little black dress.

And while these diets might help you eek out those last few pounds for a big event, they don’t work for the long haul. Give it a few weeks or a few months and the weight will be back—and then some.

Why? Because your family isn’t on board with eating healthy. Because your job got busy and you don’t have time. Because your kids are sick. Because you have relatives visiting. Because, because, because. But what you don’t realize is that none of these reasons are truly why the weight came back.

You can take the convenient route and blame others and your schedule for your weight. But the reality is that the weight came back because you didn’t get to the root of why you gained weight in the first place. You need to know that it’s you and the choices you make each day that make those pounds seemingly impossible to release—and keep off.
Am I blunt? Yes. Does it work? You bet. I’ve been right where you are and found my way to a healthier way of life that I love.

It’s my mission to end the self-hate dieting that’s so prevalent today and teach women how to take responsibility for their lives and their bodies. I want to give you the tools you need to make health a priority with ease and grace so you can become the best version of yourself.

I can help because I’ve been there. I know how to come up with every excuse in the book for not working on myself. And through my own journey, I’ve developed programs that work. Just ask my clients, who have worked through the excuses and taken ownership of their bodies and their health.

If you’re ready to kick your excuses to the curb, let’s get started with the Accountability Challenge—a 30-day discovery of why your mindset won’t let you lose the weight. Get started today:

From our members...

Tonya is such a terrific "role model" with regard to active/healthy lifestyle that I think that this was the motivation I needed to move me on. Thanks once again for the fantastic opportunity to continue the journey to a healthier me. - Marilyn

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