Tonya Whittle, Mind/Body Transformation Coach
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Last year, I decided to join the C-5K running group. It was my first time running and Tonya made it into a great experience. She provided the motivation and encouragement to help me get through it and to get better. I'm proud to say that this year I can now run 10K. Tonya's enthusiasm for working out, patience and positive outlook is what motivates me and keeps me coming back. Tonya you rock! - Ashley Dawe

Tonya Whittle

Meet Tonya

My name is Tonya Whittle, owner and creator of TW Fitness & TW Fit TV…

I became a health & fitness coach because of my own journey with weight loss and I wanted to share what I had learned… what seemed to be “the secret” that no one had shared with me.  I “discovered” how to permanently lose weight and I wanted other women not to have to go through what I had in my life with self hate, eating disorders and feeling not good enough.

I started my first diet when I was 8…

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